“Are You Tired Of Pills, Side-Effects, and Doctors That Tell You There Is Nothing That Can Be Done For Your Neuropathy?”

The Bay Area Neuropathy Institute Offers A Functional Treatment Approach That Focuses On The Root Causes Of Neuropathy Pain and Burning

Our treatment for neutralizing feet or hand pain & inflammation, stimulating repair of the meniscus and restoring function is with our REVOLUTIONARY, NEW 5-POINT NEUROPATHY PROGRAM.


  1. PEMF or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy (
  2. The Low Level Laser for increasing stimuation for nerve and inflammation control.
  3. Whole Body Vibation for balance because the number one killer for senior is fall.
  4. VibraCussor Release Manual Therapy (VRMT) which is a high speed vibration which breaks up adhesions or scar tissue caused by micro-traumas and stimulating the nerves. The VRMT relives pain and increases mobility.
  5. Spinal Decompression: This will deal with the the underlying disc giving it more nutrient and space.

The best part of our REVOLUTIONARY, NEW, 5-POINT Neck/Back PROGRAM is that we get results in 3-visits! IT FLAT-OUT WORKS!

I am here to tell you that there is NEW HOPE, thanks to a Natural and Drug-Free approach!
If you’re tired of getting the run-around, and want someone that is going to work toward getting toward the root causes of your problem, then it is important that you get a free copy of Dr. Duong’s Neuropathy Report. He shows in detail how a functional metabolic and neurologic approach can create long lasting relief from the everyday pain and fatigue.

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Revolutionary 5-Point Back/Neck Pain Therapy Program

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