Knee Pain


Get help for chronic, debilitating knee pain NOW within 3-visits EVEN if there is bone-on-bone!
Our treatment for neutralizing knee pain & inflammation, stimulating repair of the meniscus and restoring function is with our REVOLUTIONARY, NEW 5-POINT KNEE THERAPY PROGRAM.


  1. Hako-Med Horizontal Electrical Therapy (
  2. The Lapex Laser
  3. PEMF or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy (
  4. VibraCussor Release Manual Therapy (VRMT) which is a high speed vibration which breaks up adhesions or scar tissue caused by micro-traumas. The VRMT relives pain and increases mobility!
  5. Knee Spinal Decompression lessen the pressure on the degenerative knee joints.

The best part of our REVOLUTIONARY, NEW, 5-POINT KNEE THERAPY PROGRAM is that we get results in 3-visits! IT FLAT-OUT WORKS!

Here Is What To Do Next:

#1: Schedule a private in-office consultation, exam, x-ray (if necessary) for only $47.00!

(We are offering this low initial program fee for a LIMITED TIME to see if we can help you or not! We ONLY accept those patients that we truly feel that we can help! )

#2: Call our office at 925.999.8806 or 510.818.1668 NOW to schedule your appointment!

Revolutionary 5-Point Knee Pain Therapy Program

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